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Campus Fleets - Colleges & Universities

Make your campus more sustainable and save money with Ground Truth Energy.

Faster than you thought possible.

Check out Shockwave: Guide to the Leaders in Campus Fleet Electrification

Our Approach on Campus

Campus Challenges

  • Public facing sustainability commitments

  • No plan to decarbonize highly visible campus fleet 

  • Limited budget

  • Providing motivated students a way to engage in campus sustainability

Ground Truth Energy Solution

  • Stakeholder driven = alignment with values

  • De-risked approach

  • Move quickly & without up front investment

  • Living Lab: Formal Student engagement


  • Save 20% or more

  • EV1 onboard in < 90 days

  • Electrification will:

    • Contribute to carbon neutrality goals

    • Reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

    • Positively impact brand

  • Unique Student experience: hands on and real world

Campus Fleet Electrification Case Study - Highights

We've been able to very quickly launch schools with EVs and a de-risked plan to complete campus fleet electrification in phases. The result brings credibility and exposure to sustainability efforts and saves money on day Click here to request our Case Study. In the meantime, check out highlights of important outcomes below.

By The Numbers

High Impact on Priorities & Low Impact On Resources

Students worked on real world project

Students engaged with Stakeholders, including CFO

Seamless Integration

Positive brand image

Read All About It

Image by Pang Yuhao
We would the opportunity to share firsthand experiences on campuses just like yours. We can share this work in a case study you can request here.
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