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Electric Vehicle Charging

Save money and reduce emissions with Ground Truth Energy fleet electrification solutions.


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At Ground Truth Energy, we bring a deep history of operating fleets and developing clean energy projects. Fleet Electrification is a combination of the two and from this experience, we developed a comprehensive approach to fleet electrification that delivers optimal outcomes from the first EV until the last.

Our foundation is our experience as operators. We leverage our experience on the ground to deliver:

Our Approach

We developed a unique approach to fleet electrification because we know from direct experience that optimal outcomes are achieved by starting early with an informed approach. We call our industry leading approach Grounded.
We make sure that your solution includes the right combination of component parts implemented at the right time. This planned approach keeps it simple for your entire organization and saves you time and money.

Our subject matter expertise is deep on the most critical components of fleet electrification:

  • Electric Vehicles: from heavy duty transit grade buses to light duty passenger vehicles and every form factor in between

  • EVSE: charging stations & infrastructure

  • Operations & Maintenance: uptime and reliability

  • Electricity: supply and pricing

  • Telematics: data drives everything (no pun intended)

  • Software: management of vehicle, chargers and energy

  • Incentives: Federal, State & Utility

  • Financing: turn capex into opex

Contact us today to explore how Ground Truth Energy can enable your transition to a decarbonized future more quickly and cost effectively than you thought was possible!

Our Approach

Fleet Electrification Solution
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We look forward to connecting on your journey to decarbonize your fleet!


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